Our Mission

To know Jesus

Our mission is lived out in many ways, through worship, serving, fellowship, study, and prayer.

A member writes: Why do I worship at St. Luke’s in Obelisk?  I go there because it feels like family.  As you get involved in different activities, committees, etc. you meet new people along the way and see how hard-working, caring, and giving this congregation is.  When I worship at St. Luke’s I feel the presence of the Lord and how He is with me through the problems and joys of life.

We know Jesus as he comes to us in the Word, in the meal, in prayer, in service, and in fellowship.  We make Jesus known as we take what we have received and share it with the world around us.  In all this we feel the presence of God in us, with us, and around us.

Knowing Jesus brings us together, and making Jesus known brings us to new people.  In all things, God is praised and the gospel is proclaimed.