Church History

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church was established in 1833 as “Peace in Zion Church,” also referred to as Keelor’s Union Church. The cornerstone was laid on September 28, 1833, on 3 acres of land that was donated by local residents. Now, over 190 years later, we continue to hold our weekly worship services in that original church building – which has received several renovations over the years.

The church was originally organized to serve two distinct congregations– a German Reformed and a Lutheran Congregation, each with it’s own pastor and church officials. Each congregation held their worship services on alternating Sundays, with Sunday School classes combined each week to include both congregations. In 1967 the Peace in Zion UCC separated from St. Luke’s, constructing a new church in nearby Zieglerville. Since that time, both churches have continued to grow and serve the community separately, but with a continuing closeness borne of their shared history.

We have had many wonderful pastors serve our church over the years. They are:

Rev. Amy R. Smith – 2023 to Present
Rev. Christian McMullan – Interim Pastor – 2021 to 2022
Rev. Paul E. Chapman – 2012 to 2020
Rev. Arlene K. Greenwald – Interim Pastor – 2010
Rev. James A. Shelly – 1978 to 2010
Rev. Albert I. Douglass – 1971 to 1977
Rev. George Zacharda – 1966 to 1971
Rev. Sherwood L. Dieter – 1958 to 1966
Rev. Elton L. Angstadt – 1936 to 1957
Rev. Harry E. Herman – 1934 to 1935
Rev. Cyrus E. Held – 1910 to 1933
Rev. Charles F. Dapp – 1905 to 1910
Rev. William B. Fox – 1868 to 1905
Rev. William G. Laitzle – 1868
Rev. Francis T. Hoover – 1866 to 1868
Rev. Abraham Groh – 1865 to 1866
Rev. Henry Wendt – 1858 to 1864
Rev. Nathan Jaeger – 1853 to 1856
Rev. Conrad Miller – 1833 to 1852

To request a search of our church records, please submit your request to:

This research of our hand-written records can be time consuming and, although there is no charge, donations are graciously accepted.