During worship, this past August, the gospel reading every Sunday was from John 6, where Jesus says he is “the Bread of Life”. At one point in that chapter, Jesus goes further and says he is “the living bread”, and this is very important for us.

As disciples of Jesus, we are called by Jesus to eat this bread of life. In some sense, that is a direct reference to Holy Communion, but in another sense, eating the bread of life can also refer to having the life of Jesus within us. It can mean that we and Jesus are deeply connected one to another and that our life today must necessarily be a living out of the life of Jesus.

That’s why it’s important that Jesus says he is the living bread. The life we are to live in Jesus, the life we are to live as disciples of Jesus, is a present day, right now, thing. We do not simply live a life that remembers the past, that recalls, and maybe even longs for, the way things were. Neither are we to live a life that simply looks longingly towards some distant future reality, where “the best is yet to come”, somewhere down the road, in the sweet bye and bye.

Living bread means life lived in the here and now. We are called to be active in the work of God today, in this moment, in this place. We are to be active disciples, willing workers, positive forces, agents of grace, in this moment. Our message is needed now. Our witness is needed now. Lives need to be changed and blessed now. Good news needs to be shouted out now. People need to be loved and welcomed unconditionally now. We are to living our faith, living our love, living our life in Christ now.

And one way we do that is through the work and ministry of the congregation. As we gather each week as the Body of Christ in this place, we gather to be fed, to be filled, to be blessed, so that we can be “living bread’ for the world today.

Which leads us to this month of September, which is a very busy month here at St. Luke’s. On the 9th, we have Rally Day, when we return to our two service worship schedule (8am and 10:15am), and when Sunday School resumes (with classes for all ages, from nursery through adult). We have a dynamic new Director of Youth Ministry and Christian Education, Candice Love, and she has put together a fun Rally Day program for the kids, and she is bringing new energy and new ideas to our education ministry. If you have not been part of our education ministry recently, I invite to come and try it out.

The 9th is also our annual Day of Service, where members go out into the community to help people and organizations that could use some help. While at this time plans are still being put together, I can assure you that when you volunteer to help, you will be doing a great good for someone, they will be blessed by you, and you will be blessed by your giving of yourself.

September also brings in two more social events, that both serve to connect us to the larger community in which we live, and also provide funds for the congregation and for other worthwhile causes.

On the 8th is our annual Golf Outing. It’s a time for fun and competition on the golf course, and fellowship before, during, and after the 18 holes. There is information elsewhere in this newsletter about how you can participate.

Then, on the 29th, is our annual Community Day, a day of games and food and fun for the whole community. It is our gift to the community, it is also a chance for the community to come and meet some of our wonderful members, learn about who we are, and maybe make a long-lasting connection to the church. Again, more information about how you can help and have fun elsewhere in this newsletter.

Both of these social events remind us that our life of faith is present in all that we do, in every sphere of our lives. Faith happens on the golf course and at a carnival, as well as in worship and Bible study. We share Christ equally on the 9th hole, at the big slide, while enjoying a hamburger, and in the sanctuary and the classroom. We are disciples and witnesses 24/7/365 and we are able to spread the good news in all manner of places and times and events.

So come be part of what St. Luke’s is all about. Be a part of all that we do. Be part of our message to the world. Be part of the life and love we share with the world. See you in church (no matter what we’re doing!)

Pr. Paul

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