A couple of years ago, my wife and I celebrated our anniversary by spending a day at Longwood Gardens. We got there just after they opened, wandered the grounds and buildings, had lunch in the cafeteria and dinner in the very nice restaurant there, and enjoyed a concert in the evening.

The concert was a bluegrass band, Junior Sisk and Ramblers Choice, and they were very good. I’ve been a fan of bluegrass since I was a child, when my dad would play records by Flatt & Scruggs, and other bluegrass bands, and Lynette really enjoyed the music, as well. One song they performed was especially memorable. It was called “Walk Slow”, and what a gentle, truthful song it was.

We liked the band so much we bought a couple of CD’s they were selling (one by the band, and one by the banjo player, Jason Davis, who is just wicked good), and that song was on the band’s CD.

The song was written by Dixie and Tom T. Hall (and is published by Good Home Grown Music, BMI, who I assume have copyright on it–trying to be legal here). As we head into the fullness of summer, I just want to share the lyrics of the song with you (as Junior Sisk performed it). So here goes:

Walk slow, count the clouds as they pass,

Walk slow, count the daisies in the grass,

Life is fast and we’re forever on the go,

Take the time to take it in, and walk slow.

Walk slow, let us show the world a smile,

Walk slow, just as if you were a child,

Just enjoy mother nature and her show,

God will walk along with you, walk slow.

Walk slow, as you travel down life’s way,

Walk slow, as you live it day by day,

Pay attention as you go, and walk slow.

Walk slow, through the sunshine and the rain,

Walk slow, you won’t pass this way again,

Appreciate and let the ages roll,

Savor all you’ve come to know, walk slow.

Walk slow, it may be you who lead the way,

Walk slow, don’t let any go astray,

Be confident upon the path you chose,

So that others may keep up, walk slow.

As you set out on your summer journey, whether that journey takes you far away, or your journey is more local, take time to walk slow. Let go of the rush, the hurry, and the hassle, at least for a while. Walk slow. Have a great summer! See you in church!


Pr. Paul